Mid-Semester Check-In


Many schools are halfway through the semester by now. It’s hard to believe. You have probably heard many people say, “Enjoy college; it will go fast.” Now you can see that it does. So, before the semester slips away, let’s consider how you are doing.

• Are you finding this semester’s classes difficult or easy?
• Are you getting help, if needed?
• Do you know where to find the office hours of your professors?
• Where do you go for tutoring?
• What’s the course withdrawal deadline at your school?

• Have you made a connection with any campus organizations? It’s not too late to get involved. Even if this isn’t your first year, get involved! Involvement on campus and the experience you gain can relate to future jobs. Being involved can also help combat loneliness and the feeling of disconnectedness.
• Go with a friend. Maybe the idea of joining a group or activity is intimidating. If so, ask a friend to go along.

• Are you making new friends and meeting new people? You should be expanding your network all the time. Get your head out of your phone for a few minutes to meet the person next to you in line at the coffee shop. Pretend it’s 1984.
• Make connections with faculty and staff. In the future, you may need to ask someone for a reference. It is much easier for a professional to write a reference if it comes from personal knowledge.
• Have you started a new, yet serious relationship already? How soon into the semester did you change your relationship status on social media? Give yourself time. I caution on rushing into anything. College is for getting to know yourself first. Don’t get too serious, too fast with anyone.

If you are struggling in any one of these areas, you can seek help from faculty, staff, student staff members, or other students. College is full of people just like you – wanting to fit in and find a niche. The good thing: college is not like high school. Popularity does not apply. Be yourself, and take advantage of what your school has to offer that encourages your interests and potential for success. Semesters have a tendency to slip by quickly. Campus resources abound – use them!

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