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Hi. Welcome to Collegiate Cafe.  This is my blog about college life.  It is a good place for high school students considering college, current college students, and parents.  I hope you will find my posts interesting and helpful.

I have and undergraduate degree in elementary education. During my college years,  I discovered a passion for higher education.  Immediately following college I went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling and Student Personnel.  I now have over 15 years of higher education experience.  I have worked in Residence Life, Student Activities, Career Services and Academic Advising.  I have worked on college campuses set in urban, suburban, and rural settings which include both public and private colleges. Currently, I am working in a career development center.  I love seeing college students discover their passions and find their way in life.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a student thrive at their chosen institution.  College can be overwhelming, particularly when you are just starting out.  Collegiate Cafe is place where I will impart some of my knowledge regarding college life.  My intention is for this blog to be useful and entertaining for both students and parents.

If you have a question or an idea for a post,  I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “About Collegiate Cafe and Diane

  • Diane, this is a fabulous concept for a blog! You have so much great information here for students who are in a particularly exciting, scary, and vulnerable phase of life. While they are still in the later stages of adolescence, teens heading off to college are treated like and expected to act like adults with adult responsibilities and consequences. And in my experience, as a former collegiate student-athlete (many years ago), as a high school swim coach, and as a counseling graduate student who worked with collegiate student-athletes, young adults at this stage need all the resources they can get. What a wonderful service you are providing for them in a totally relatable manner in an easy to navigate forum. I applaud you!


  • Thanks, for the positive comments, Shelbee. If you have any topic ideas, feel free let me know. Stop by anytime! -Diane

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