Successful Summers


Many college students around the nation are packing up and heading home for the summer months.  For high school students, summer isn’t that far off either.  Here is some of my best advice for both groups during the summer months.

Tips for Successful Summer


Are you finishing your junior year in high school and considering college for your future?  If so, you may want to use the summer to:

  1. Write your Personal Statement
  2. Visit a few colleges
  3. Work a summer job (save money)


If you are a high school senior, and you have been accepted to a school PLEASE DO NOT BLOW IT by getting arrested this summer.

This is a PSA for all parents AND high school graduates:

Did you know that having TOO MUCH “fun” the summer before college (and through college) can ruin a career before it even starts? A DUI or underage citation can prevent you from entering a major at school (or get you kicked out of a major). For example: In the state of PA, Education majors caught drinking underage are not able to student teach for 5 YEARS past the offense. This is about teaching clearances, which can also be required for upper division courses; therefore the student won’t even be able to take certain classes! Education is not the only major! Criminal Justice is another. It’s not the 80’s anymore. A citation could ruin your academic opportunities and career before it even gets started! Make good choices, enjoy time with your high school friends, and work a summer job.

Here are some summer suggestions for ANY STUDENT ATTENDING COLLEGE IN THE FALL:

  1. Hang out with your friends from home in smart ways. Your time is limited together. Quality time, not jail time, is key.
  2. Find a summer job, and save your money. If you can find a job that is somewhat related to your major or career choice – even better. The sooner you start thinking about your resume, the better.
  3. Take a road trip. Find a couple of friends, and map out a road trip.  Decide on a budget and keep your cost down. Ultimately, you should be saving money this summer. (Check out shoestring road trip suggestions on Pinterest and in the bookstores.)
  4. Savor all home-cooked meals. Show your gratitude by helping to clean up after a meal. This is a great time to catch some quality time with the chef of the house.
  5. Read a non-textbook book. I remember my days in college as reading A LOT, but nothing for pure enjoyment. In the summer time, you can read for pleasure.
  6. Take a summer course. Ok, so this may interfere with #5, but here’s the time to re-take a course that you didn’t do well in or just get ahead by a class or two.  (WARNING: Check with academic policies on whether you can repeat courses at another institution!)
  7. Take some time to relax and slack off a little, but not too much.

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